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Shantae-Squished and Squashed by Pixelated-Parts Shantae-Squished and Squashed :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 111 57 Maid Morph (Gold's Game) by Pixelated-Parts Maid Morph (Gold's Game) :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 23 15 Gold's Game (Sample) by Pixelated-Parts Gold's Game (Sample) :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 14 2 Jump Shantae! by Pixelated-Parts Jump Shantae! :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 28 2 Whip dat hair! by Pixelated-Parts Whip dat hair! :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 40 15 Risky Boots by Pixelated-Parts Risky Boots :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 24 15 Run Shantae, Run! by Pixelated-Parts Run Shantae, Run! :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 24 9 Shantae's Home by Pixelated-Parts Shantae's Home :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 32 8 Shantae: Half Inch Hero Title Screen by Pixelated-Parts Shantae: Half Inch Hero Title Screen :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 22 20 Makin' It Game 2 by Pixelated-Parts Makin' It Game 2 :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 9 6 Makin' It Game by Pixelated-Parts Makin' It Game :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 15 4 April O'Kon Stomp Attack Fail by Pixelated-Parts April O'Kon Stomp Attack Fail :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 56 2 April O'Kon Stand and Walk Loop by Pixelated-Parts April O'Kon Stand and Walk Loop :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 53 6 Giga Mermaid Boss by Pixelated-Parts Giga Mermaid Boss :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 166 25 Shantae-Thin to Fat and Back by Pixelated-Parts Shantae-Thin to Fat and Back :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 84 5 Sumo Hinata by Pixelated-Parts Sumo Hinata :iconpixelated-parts:Pixelated-Parts 155 18


Plush Shantae concept by SonicAllStarsUSA Plush Shantae concept :iconsonicallstarsusa:SonicAllStarsUSA 20 2 Risky Boots by tjlive5 Risky Boots :icontjlive5:tjlive5 42 3 Shantae by TheUpbringer Shantae :icontheupbringer:TheUpbringer 165 14 Risky Boots - Shantae: Half-Genie Hero by OJhat Risky Boots - Shantae: Half-Genie Hero :iconojhat:OJhat 44 0 Half-Genie Guardian by Steagony Half-Genie Guardian :iconsteagony:Steagony 77 7 Shantae 2 by StaleMeat Shantae 2 :iconstalemeat:StaleMeat 571 48 [SFM] Shantae Hair Whip by CamChao [SFM] Shantae Hair Whip :iconcamchao:CamChao 24 0 Showdown of Burning Town by CentaurHillZone Showdown of Burning Town :iconcentaurhillzone:CentaurHillZone 183 16 Shantae by AlbertoV Shantae :iconalbertov:AlbertoV 203 9 Terrarium by AlbertoV Terrarium :iconalbertov:AlbertoV 343 10 Street Fighter (1987) by AlbertoV Street Fighter (1987) :iconalbertov:AlbertoV 121 7 Mario and Yoshi by AlbertoV Mario and Yoshi :iconalbertov:AlbertoV 181 4 Shantae Genie Fanart by TopDylan Shantae Genie Fanart :icontopdylan:TopDylan 218 12 Discovery of a Sad Snake by Jesoran Discovery of a Sad Snake :iconjesoran:Jesoran 62 8 Shantae And Risky Boots by white-stew Shantae And Risky Boots :iconwhite-stew:white-stew 271 12 Battle Ladies by AbyssWolf Battle Ladies :iconabysswolf:AbyssWolf 4,252 173



Maid Morph (Gold's Game)
A Game Over transformation for :icongoldwyn11:'s game :)

Get defeated by a particular enemy and you get turned into an anime girl maid
Gold's Game (Sample)
A game I've been commissioned to work on for :icongoldwyn11:  ^^

No title yet, and no idea how long it's going to be. But I thought I'd show some of the progress, so far.

All pixel arts and programming done by me ^^


I make pixel animations which can be made into GIF loops, or imported into Flash for an interactive touch, or used for making video games.

I'm open to a wide range of subjects and can work with a wide variety of characters, be they from cartoons, anime, or original concepts.

Really the only areas that I have an uneasiness of drawing/animating would involve subject matter that is politically charged or graphically violent. 

There are a few other areas I wouldn't touch with a 20 foot pole, but I won't go over them here. Just ask me over notes if you have any questions over what kind of content I'll accept.

Mature Content

Say My Name! by Pixelated-Parts
This is an example of an Animated GIF. Fairly simple animated sprite or sprites that loops. I should be able to make an estimate for the cost/hours of a commission like this.

Mature Content

Casper High Crush by Pixelated-Parts
This is an Interactive Flash. Basically, any looping animations I make can be imported into Flash, then separated into scenes that can be controlled by buttons, hidden or otherwise. Again, I can make an estimate for these projects.

Naga Mini Game by Pixelated-Parts This is an example of an interactive mini-game I made, which involves the use of the mouse to interact with sprites. But I can make a variety of other games and program other interactive inputs, such as the keyboard. Games are a little more difficult to make estimates for and would have to be commissioned little by little, starting with the fabrication of visual assets, such as animated sprites and backgrounds before moving on to programming and audio.

If you're interested in this type of commission, my focus would be more on mini-games than full fledged games ^^;.


Currently I'm working nearly full time on my Flash commissions through my other account, so work here will be on a first come, first served basis to get a commission slot.


1.:icontismatty: Massive Body inflation with Megumin from Konosuba

2. :iconthe2dsilverhedgehog: Blaze the Cat and Silver the Hedgehog flattening



For my hourly sessions, I will work for a rate of $12 an hour. This is an introductory rate that may change over time. If I'm working on a commission of yours during a price change, I will still finish your commission at the previously negotiated rate.

Normally when I receive a script for a commission, I will try to estimate how many hours or sessions it will take to complete it. 


I accept payments only through PayPal. An important note for commissioners paying me through PayPal, please make sure you're paying me through the "Goods and Services" option. Also, I may start using invoices as they are a more organized method of keeping track of payments. 


I'm only adding this because in this past year I've had commissioners who have tipped me or asked about this. 

First, no, there is no obligation to tip me for my services (though I do fondly think of the folks who have ^^ )

A tip would be sending a little something extra after a project is finished. This would be a nice gesture for any of the following reasons:

1. In consideration of a project that took many, many, many sessions and weeks to complete.
2. To show gratitude for me making multiple edits during a project that reached the point of micro-management or perfectionism.
3. In response to a completed project that went beyond the commissioner's expectations. 

If you decide to tip, there really is no formula to it. Just think of the gesture as a real life one ($3 means "Have a coffee on me", $10 means "Enjoy a night at the cinema on me", etc. )


Send me a note with information about your commission. A somewhat detailed script is helpful, as well as reference art/material for the character(s) involved. From there I can make an estimate for how many hours it would take to complete. I may ask up front for a payment that at least covers three hours of work toward your commission.


I likely won't be scheduling livestream sessions for these commissions, though I can record the work sessions offline


People who have commissioned me in the past have asked me about this. First, I can add as many or as little Easter Eggs (Hidden buttons/animations) to a commission as you like. And no, I don't just randomly add Easter Eggs to my commissions Sweating a little...Keep in mind that I'm working by the hour and it does take time to add and animate bonus scenes.

Also, commissioners can add to their commissioned works whenever they want. I try to save all my files for everything I've worked on. If you want to add something to an animation that you DIDN'T commission, you would first need to get the permission of the original commissioner and ask them to send me a note giving me their consent to have scenes added to their commission. 


Send me a note and I'll send you a speedy-ish reply.


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gamerjohn022691 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Here's some suggestions (since I don't have money or Points) for your Shantae fan-game:

A level where Shantae's in her bathtub, naked, with it sliding and her having to either speed it up, slow it down, or jump before drying off at the end of the course and putting her clothes on.
A "baboon dance" that makes her butt huge and gives her a booty-bump attack that hits enemies behind her.
A "sensual dance" that makes her breasts huge and gives her a breast-bounce attack that can let her reach higher places her jumps normally can't.
A sumo potion that makes her fat for the entirety of a stage.
A rubbery sorceress that can cast a spell on Shantae to make her inflate like a balloon until said sorceress is defeated with three of her own spells.
Pixelated-Parts Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fun suggestions ^^

I'll see what I can implement as I move forward with this project
nickhalperin Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017
hey bro. You could make a pic of Giga Mermaid hugging Shantae.
Pixelated-Parts Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As a commission, sure :)
nickhalperin Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017
let's just forget the commission. I don't have the money.
Pixelated-Parts Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(1 Reply)
IncredibleCaptainAsh Featured By Owner May 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for faving Ms. lil'Belly-dance here! :D

Mature Content

Shantae's shrinking dance by IncredibleCaptainAsh

Look! She is doing the happy dance for you. ;)
Pixelated-Parts Featured By Owner May 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woot! ^^
IncredibleCaptainAsh Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch! :star:
I really appreciate it. :)

You have a very nice gif gallery, but it needs some more SW content. ;)
Pixelated-Parts Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL, maybe some day ^^

The game I'm working on does involve Risky Boots shrinking Shantae :)
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